Journal Articles

Bogert, E., Lauharatanahirun, N., & Schecter, A. (2022). Human preferences towards algorithmic advice in a word association task. Scientific Reports, 12, 14501. (download)

Schecter, A., Nohadani, O., & Contractor, N. (2022). A robust inference method for decision making in networks. MIS Quarterly, 46 (2), 713-738. (access)

Schecter, A., Wowak, K., Berente, N., Ye, H., & Mukherjee, U. (2021). A behavioral perspective on service center routing: The role of inertia. Journal of Operations Management, 67 (8), 964-988. (access)

Bogert, E., Schecter, A., & Watson, R. T. (2021). Humans rely more on algorithms than social influence as a task becomes more difficult. Scientific Reports, 11, 8028. (download)

Bogert, E., Schecter, A., & Watson, R. T. (2021). Preregistration of information systems research. Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 49 (5), 110-125. (download)

Schecter, A. & Quintane, E. (2021). The power, precision, and accuracy of the relational event model. Organizational Research Methods, 24 (4), 802-829. (download)

Brunswicker, S. & Schecter, A. (2019). Coherence or Flexibility? The Paradox of Change for Developers’ Digital Innovation Trajectory on Open Platforms. Research Policy, 48 (8), 103771. (download)

Hukal, P., Berente, N., Germonprez, M., & Schecter, A. (2019). Bots coordinating work in open source software projects. IEEE Computer, 52 (9), 52-60. (download)

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Pilny, A., Schecter, A., Poole, M. S., Contractor, N. (2016). An illustration of the relational event model to analyze group interaction processes. Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice, 20 (3), 181-195. (download)

Book Chapters

Pendergraft, J., Carter, D., Trainer, H., Jones, J., Shuffler, M., DeChurch, L., Schecter, A., & Contractor, N. (forthcoming). Supporting Spaceflight Multiteam Systems throughout Long-Duration Exploration Missions: A Countermeasure Toolkit. In Landon, L., Slack, K., & Salas, R. (Eds.) Psychology and Human Performance in Space Programs: Research at the Frontier. Taylor & Francis Group.

Schecter, A., Contractor, N. (2017). Understanding and assessing collaborative processes through relational events. In Zhu, M., Kyllonen, P., & von Davier, A. (Eds.) Innovative Assessment of Collaboration, 223 – 231. Springer International Publishing.

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